Hi there, I'm Nathan

Website developer & designer
Enthusiastic mountain biker
Hopeless stargazer

About Me

Hello! I’m Nathan, a bike-crazy website developer & designer.
And part-time tech-support for family members.

Builder of cool things.

Uncomfortable around frogs, and meowski.

Software Developer
GOSS Interactive

South West
United Kingdom

Mountain Biking
& Astronomy

Solution developer

Developer of the front-end, back-end and everything in the middle, the 'jack-of-all-trades' web guy

Pixel painter

A pixel painting perfectionist, creating attractive and friendly solutions for the likes of the users

Everything else

A fullstacker at heart, making ease of all aspects from hello through to the finishing touches


Some of the projects I have got to lovingly work on

Astronomy Community

A community for the like minded astronomy enthusiast


Nifty application to monitor the health of your websites

Peer-to-Peer Battleships Game

Web application, based on the popular two-player board game Battleship


The place where I share my thoughts and knowledge

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